Zeitgeist 13-02 – Mar,Apr 2013

This post encapsulates everything that made its way to my blog properties in March and April of 2013.

At the park

The last two months have been a tad slow. It was not intentional. Work spiked up and in the little spare time I had, I started a Facebook group for purveyors of Tamil music. The Facebook group is very active every night and has taken (in a very enjoyable way) the very little spare time I reserve for blogging. Nevertheless, I did manage to get some content in and here is what made the cut.


My usual goto property, Buzzing! got the least attention in March-April. There were all of two posts in 2 months, both of which appeared in March. The first one was a celebration of all the women in my life as part of World Women’s Day. The post made it big and garnered some of the highest single day views the blog has ever recorded.  The second post, a very personal one was an open letter I wrote to my son who turned five in the last week of March. I have been writing these open letters on the eve of his birthday for two years now and hope to keep it going in future years also. I have a couple of posts lined up for this blog in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.


The tech blog had twice as many posts as Buzzing! in the March-April time frame. I started off in mid-March with a requiem for the soon to be sunsetted Google Reader and a broader question on why everything on the Internet need not necessarily be free. The next post was a playful take on a real problem- our addiction to apps. While the tone was playful, it is getting to be an issue and worth writing a post about.

In April, there were two posts- both of which were reviews of sorts. The first one was my impressions on Facebook Home, the Android launcher built by Facebook. While I liked the simplicity of it, I found it lacking in many ways and did not recommend it for most users. The second post published a few days ago was also my longest and most elaborate review to date- that of HTC One, the flagship Android smartphone from HTC. In summary I loved it and here is a long list of reasons why. Google I/O is around the corner and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a few days from launch. So expect more posts on these topics and more in the coming months.


There were two posts in this blog over the March-April timeframe. The first one was an appreciation for Raga Nilambhari, the favored one for lullabies. I grew up listening to songs in this wonderful raga and finally put some of those songs down in a list and went over them in some detail. The second post was a kind of review but a special one at that. I took my son to his first Carnatic music concert- that of his big icon, Sri. M. Balamurali Krishna. He was thrilled and I tried to capture his experience in a post.

My musical energies are currently directed towards my Facebook Group, Tamizh Isai. If you are interested in being a part of the group, drop me a note. I am hoping to bubble up some of the themes from the group discussions to their own posts here.


There was all of one restaurant review in BayEats in two months. Part of the reason was that I was in the process of migrating the entire blog from Posterous to WordPress. I am happy to announce that the transition is complete and BayEats has a new and hopefully more polished home. The one review that did happen was that of Islands Burgers in Cupertino. It is no great shakes (pun unintended) but you may like it. Give it a try.

There are 3 restaurants whose reviews are saved up as drafts. I hope to get to them soon.

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