Zeitgeist 13-01 – Jan, Feb 2013

If you are wondering what this blog is all about, read here. This Zeitgeist, the very first for me will be for the first two months of the year.

Photo taken in Feb.2013.
Photo taken in Feb.2013.


January started off on a bad note. One of my favorite Professors from my undergrad (PSG Tech, Coimbatore), Dr.S.Jayaraman passed away suddenly. I wrote a short eulogy that can be found here. Late December, I started re-reading the Mahabharata – this time was different because I straddled 4 different versions at the same time. I wrote about that experiment here. More posts from that thread should be out soon. One of the cool things about this blog is the flexibility to write about anything and everything. One such was a post about a pleasant and wonderful  knife sharpener we met at the local Campbell Farmers Market.

I sang an ode to the dying art of cursive writing in schools with a post here. Valentine’s Day came along and I shared my thoughts on that special day, not just as a person in love but as a husband who is in still in awe of his wife. We seem to be having a good amount of success with disciplining our child using a rewards mechanism- thoughts on which I shared here.


The year kicked off with CES and the most popular items at CES were fitness trackers. I wrote a piece about these fitness trackers in the inaugural post of a new series- Putting Technology to work for you. Before I could finish up that post though, Facebook announced its Graph Search. I found it intriguing and wrote a post about it the day it was announced. As news of an impending iWatch picked stream, I wrote about the future for wearable computing with a focus on the iWatch. Last week, news filtered about Yahoo! putting an end to telecommuting for its employees. I shared my thoughts on it. And a few days ago, I finally got to write my (very late) review of Microsoft Surface.


My music blog, Alapana used to get the least attention for much of its existence until I decided to play favorites with it last Fall. I started off the year with a Pongal playlist in mid-Jan to celebrate the harvest festival back home. To celebrate India’s Republic Day on Jan 26, I reminisced about the wonderful national unity videos produced by DD over the years like “Mile sur Mera Tumhara”.

Tamil film’s celebrated director Manirathnam was launching his latest movie Kadal on February 1. To commemorate the event, I took a long and incredibly pleasurable trip down memory lane on the music in Mani’s movies. It started with the Raaja years, went through the first part of the Mani-ARR combo from Roja to Dil Se and finally concluded with the last 10 years of Mani-ARR combo from Alaipayuthey to Kadal. I cant stress on how much I enjoyed creating these three posts and the public Youtube playlist with all the music featured in those posts and more.


The food reviews have been fewer than usual. For one, I am trying to stay healthy and eat more at home :). For other, I just havent been trying newer places even when I go out. I visited a relatively new Indian place in Sunnyvale called Balaji Bhavan which delivered an “unlimited” thali for lunch. Loved the thali and wrote about it. I made a much postponed stop at Falafel Stop in Cupertino-Sunnyvale border and totally fell in love with their wonderful pita bread. More recently I made two trips in short order to the newly opened Islands Burger place in Cupertino. Liked it enough to write about it. I have a couple of reviews pending on this front. So look for it in March.

 Looking forward to March

One logistical event that is happening in the sidelines is the migration of the Bayeats blog to a WordPress site. Posterous was bought by Twitter last year and is shutting down its service in April. I need to do the migration soon. I am also working on a couple of large form posts across two blogs and some smaller ideas. Looks to be an exciting month ahead. So keep reading and thanks for all your support on my blogs.

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