This is NOT another blog

Another blog?. Really?

Before you start wondering why I am starting yet another blog when I have 5 active ones, let me clarify. This is not a blog. It is just a summary of all the articles that I published over the last month. I considered having one such post for each blog at the end of the month but my post frequencies are pretty erratic. I write on topics that strike my fancy at that time. So often times, there are a lot of posts on music while there is none on tech. Other times, Buzz has a bunch of articles on random topics while the music blog starves. So it is easier to put them all together in one place. That place is this.

Why the name?

Zeitgeist reflects what is active and ongoing in my blogs at a current snapshot of time. The name owes itself very much to Google’s wonderful zeitgeist.

Who should read this?

If you follow my blogs regularly or even semi-regularly, this is a good place to catch up on everything. If you are a first timer here, this should give you a feel for the kind of things that are written about in my blogs.

Who should not read this?

Well, I would like all of you to read this. One way or the other.

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