Is Hazare Social?

Anna Hazare

Does anyone know if Anna Hazare has a twitter account or a facebook page?. Not the one someone else creates. One that he created himself?. This guy would easily have the most fans/followers. Think about it. If even 1% of the Indian population decides to follow him on Twitter, we are talking about 12 million followers. Compare that to Lady Gaga who tops right now with over 9 million followers accumulated over 37 months of Twitter presence!

Thanks to social networks, for once, a fast unto death actually had the desired impact. When I was younger, someone was fasting all the time. No one died. They got all the press they wanted and promptly abused it. Anyone remember the legendary fast by Jayalalitha?. Or the 4-hour one by the current CM(how is it a fast unto death if it was only for 4 hours?).

Compare that to people[1][2] who actually believed in the cause and truly fasted to their deaths.

Hope they actually pass the LokPal bill in my lifetime.

One more?

Short Answer: I just have so much to say!

Longer Version: Similar to my tech blog, I used to do a non-tech blog until a while ago. That kind of died abruptly. I figured the best way to do justice to the wonderful themes from wordpress was to have a second blog with its own persona. One that would have content that spans everything- books, movies, sports.

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