How to answer all the kid’s questions?

My 3 year old started talking a year ago and the vocabulary and questions have been increasing at a steady pace since then. It is a lot of fun seeing him learn and observe so many new things. The questions have started getting a little trickier now. We are often times challenged to work around very common questions on the topic of life and death, of violence and all things good and bad, of jealousy, anger and such. How do we tell them the answers to questions without alluding to all that?. How do we talk about herbivores and carnivores without making the animal in question sound evil?.

I’d love to hear from parents with experience handling such stuff.

RED is a lot of fun


RED, the Hollywood movie, not the horrific Ajith movie from a few years ago, is a fun watch. I picked it up for its comic book origins(Red) but the movie(Red) shines on its own. The cast of Hollywood oldies- Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis are a treat to watch. An action movie by design, its very much a relaxed masala movie at heart. And when it happens, the action scenes are done very humorously.

The story is fairly simple- a bunch of retired old ex-CIA guys are being hunted by the agency. On the run, the group tries to piece together who and why. The plot if brought to a close admirably.

If you want a fun Friday evening movie, Red is strongly recommended.

And just for haha’s…


Why IPL matters?

Forget the after parties. Ignore the cheerleaders and the glitzy owners. Just focus on the cricket.

IPL4 in its first few days has shown us why exactly it matters to the game of cricket. Talent. If it were not for IPLs past, would we have known about the gem that is Suresh Raina?. In the first week of IPL4, two stars of significant untapped potential have emerged: Paul Valthaty and Ambati Rayudu. Both these players have been around for a few years, just not under the public eye. Due to various reasons, they didnt make the cut for the national team and had talent untapped. Not anymore. With a blitzkreig that shocked champions CSK, Valthaty signaled to the world that he has arrived. Rayudu did it much more differently. In a serene innings of 63 on a weird track in Bangalore, he showed that he can handle the pressures of the game very well. It may be too early to anoint them as the second coming of Dhoni or Raina but it definitely shows how much talent is hidden beneath the surface that only a high profile tournament/league like the IPL can bring out.

And this is not the end. Before IPL 4 draws to a close, there will be many more such heroes that blaze a trail of destruction and remind the selectors that there is a long future ahead for their respective national teams.

IPL t20

Can CSK repeat?



The Chennai Super Kings started the defense of their IPL Champions title with an interesting win over the Knight Riders. What was interesting was that a significantly reconstructed CSK was able to wrest a win from the hands of Kolkata. While Gambhir will have to answer his critics on continued running woes and the decision to move himself down the order, what remains is that Kolkata lost a game they should have won. The game also established the uncanny ability of CSK to win games that matter.

If you remember, the Super Kings lost the first IPL to Rajasthan in the last ball. The Royals were the underdogs that went all the way in IPL 1. CSK’s freshman campaign was also pretty good by IPL standards but they were derailed in the semis by Anil Kumble’s Challengers. The third time was the charm for Dhoni’s boys who had a resurgent second half in IPL3 to win it all over Sachin’s Mumbai Indians.

The Super Kings will have a challenge in their hands this season from a very good Indians team and a bunch of above average teams from Deccan, Rajasthan and Kolkata. Pune will be a dark horse if they can pull things together. As the most valuable franchise in the league, the CSK management has done a stellar job in replacing stars like Hayden and Murali not to mention an injured Bollinger (who should hopefully be back for the second half) with local and internation choices like Aniruddha Sreekanth and Tim Southee. Already, Bollinger’s replacement Tim Southee proved his mettle by bowling a very tight last over to Kolkata in the first game. Dhoni’s ability to eke out wins in such tight situations will hopefully stay intact and the Super Kings will be the champions once more in 2011.

Whistle Podu!

Is Hazare Social?

Anna Hazare

Does anyone know if Anna Hazare has a twitter account or a facebook page?. Not the one someone else creates. One that he created himself?. This guy would easily have the most fans/followers. Think about it. If even 1% of the Indian population decides to follow him on Twitter, we are talking about 12 million followers. Compare that to Lady Gaga who tops right now with over 9 million followers accumulated over 37 months of Twitter presence!

Thanks to social networks, for once, a fast unto death actually had the desired impact. When I was younger, someone was fasting all the time. No one died. They got all the press they wanted and promptly abused it. Anyone remember the legendary fast by Jayalalitha?. Or the 4-hour one by the current CM(how is it a fast unto death if it was only for 4 hours?).

Compare that to people[1][2] who actually believed in the cause and truly fasted to their deaths.

Hope they actually pass the LokPal bill in my lifetime.

One more?

Short Answer: I just have so much to say!

Longer Version: Similar to my tech blog, I used to do a non-tech blog until a while ago. That kind of died abruptly. I figured the best way to do justice to the wonderful themes from wordpress was to have a second blog with its own persona. One that would have content that spans everything- books, movies, sports.

If you prefer tech stuff, head over here. If you prefer everything else, you are in the right place!