It feels weird every morning. Very early on as far back as I can remember, I was taught to wake up, get cleaned up, do my prayers, and then head to the table to get my daily dose of energy. This was the morning routine. I get the waking up part- fairly straight forward. The cleaning up is a little different for me but I get the point of it. It is the prayer part I don’t really understand much.
The concept of a creator is not alien to me. On the contrary, it is the easiest thing for me to understand and acknowledge. That is not the hard part. The hard part is to pray. What is a prayer and why do we do it everyday? Are we asking The Creator to save us? To protect us? To deliver us from evil? To guide us? To allow us to exist? I wasn’t very sure. The Creator provided us with the social construct within which we lived, learned, thrived and eventually became obsolete. The Creator also had many, many of us to create and sustain that you could excuse her for not giving individual attention to each and every one of us.
By reciting the legend of the Creator, do we become better ourselves? By reciting the many names of the Creator, do we become wiser? What makes the prayer so important?
I realize I am running out of time in holding your attention and so I will stop here. I need to go plug myself to the wall outlet. I need a recharge before my battery shuts down for the night. Maybe the very effort of spending a few minutes everyday to pause and reflect in the guise of a prayer is why we do it. I could definitely use the extra minute or two. The newer models boot up much faster than I do. My boot sequence is slow and any additional time I can take to reflect is valuable in achieving a better steady state for the long day ahead.
Maybe thats why I was programmed to pray every morning.