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How working from home can be good for the employer and employee.

The blogosphere and Twitter is abuzz with the leaked memo from Yahoo! HR effectively putting an end to Yahoo!’s employees working from home from June 2013. Reactions have pretty much been consistent and it is scathingly against Yahoo!. In this post, I share my experiences as an engineer who has occasionally worked from home for […]

Yahoo!’s new browser product- Yahoo! Axis

Earlier this evening Yahoo! launched an interesting browser product named theAxis. There are tons of early reviews already out. Quite a few of them are positive. Here are some reviews from Ars, The Verge, Engadget and Gizmodo. I gave it a spin on my wife’s iPhone 4S and here are my impressions. Yahoo!’s Identity Crisis […]

Search Wars

If you have been following the tech blogs the last couple of days, the search PR wars must have caught your eye. Google accused Bing of copying its results and the veritable follow up from Bing made for interesting reading. Before I delve any further, here is the original article that lays our Google’s accusation, […]