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First Impressions: Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8

I am a technology junkie. I cant wait to see, experience and play with the latest and greatest technology has to offer. So it is that part of me that preordered a Windows 8 Pro upgrade copy on Amazon a few weeks ago. I must confess that of all the active devices in our house (and there […]

Microsoft Surface and Tablet Wars: Part Deux

Before I start my post, I definitely wanted to get out a couple of “I told you so’s”. I dont get to do them too often. So bear with me. Earlier this year, I wrote a post on 2012 being the year of Microsoft. While there is a lot of 2012 left, Microsoft definitely is […]

2012: The Year of Microsoft?

When I got my first computer in May, 1995, it ran Microsoft Windows 3.1. It was an incredible experience using a mouse and a keyboard on a computer with a GUI. Microsoft to me represented everything cool about technology. I had never heard of Apple. In 2000, I started my graduate program at Virginia Tech and […]

The Windows Tablet

After multiple false starts over the years, the first meaningful tablet play from Microsoft was formally announced this week. It borrows heavily from its well-intended but not so successful (not yet atleast) Metro UI for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft is betting the farm on this design, so much so, even their analyst day […]