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The tale of the $99 Tablet

By now, everyone knows of the great tablet sale of the past weekend (8/20/2011-8/21/2011) and either did something about it or wish they did. HP, after abandoning its tablet plans decided to make the weekend very interesting and dropped the price of its 16GB tablet to a mouth-watering $99. If you were living on a […]

Motorola’s pricing strategy

A few weeks ago, Motorola had on its hands, two certifiably hyped up and much wanted devices- the Atrix 4G superphone launching on AT&T and the Xoom tablet launching on Verizon. What was known was that the devices had some of the best technical specs in their respective fledgling categories and also boasted the Motorola […]

Tablet wars

Tablet wars heat up.

Whatever is going on with Palm

Since its announcement on Jan 8, 2009, the Palm webOS mobile operating system has garnered quite a bit of attention in the mobile world and why not. Being the pioneer in the PDA segment with the original Palm Pilot, Palm’s fortunes had dwindled in recent years. The webOS was destined to be the knight in […]