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Apple’s Carrier Relationships and the new iPhone Upgrade Program

Prologue Long, long ago, or atleast what feels like an eternity today, Apple, the maker of the colorful iMacs and the recently successful iPods, decided to make a phone. They went to the biggest player in town, Verizon, which politely declined to carry it. They struck a exclusive deal with AT&T instead that would prove […]

Apple’s carrier subsidy situation

iDevices are everywhere. None more so than the iPhone. Apple is making gobs of money selling them as fast as they are making them. It is by far the most popular single device in the last decade or so outclassing another Apple product, the iPod. Wherever I go, I have almost always spotted iPhones in […]

How does AT-T’s purchase of T-Mobile affect us?

News just hit the wires that AT-T, the once largest, sometimes and recently ┬ásecond largest telecommunications carrier in the US agreed to acquire T-Mobile, the 4th largest carrier with 33 million subscribers in a $39 billion dollar deal. This makes AT-T the definitive largest carrier by a big margin. It is early hours to speculate […]

iOS vs. Android, part II.

Daggers drawn, here we go again. With the recent and totally “unexpected and surprise” announcement that the iPhone is heading the Big Red way, we now have a battle on our hands. Until recently, the battle between the two operating systems was fought as a proxy war between the two largest carriers, Verizon and AT&T. […]

What is in it for Google?

The net neutrality proposal from Google and Verizon and what it means.

Tablet wars

Tablet wars heat up.

The Life and Times of Google Nexus One

The Life and times of Google Nexus One

A niche handheld device- Microsoft Kin

The launch of Microsoft Kin