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From pen and paper to the screen: Taking written text to the digital form

This blog post comes after a brief break- one that best explains the topic of this post. I have recently fallen in love with pen and paper- all over again. More specifically, I am besotted with fountain pens and high quality paper. I recently wrote a post about this new found love for all things […]

Building an iPad competitor- Part 1

As a bevy of tablets enter the marketplace and inevitably get unfavorably compared against the iPad 2, it makes one think- what will it take to build a good iPad2 competitor? This post (and the following one) attempts to piece together from the media, from blogs and from word-of-mouth the current players in the tablet world […]

Steve Jobs, Salesman Extraordinaire and the iPad 2

Last week, the world witnessed the launch of Apple’s second generation tablet device, the iPad2. What it also saw was one of the best presentations yet from their CEO and arguably the greatest salesman of this generation, Steven P. Jobs. If you want to save the trouble of reading the post, you are welcome to […]