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Not everything on the Internet is or needs to be free.

Like much of the internet, I am still in mourning over the upcoming, planned demise (or as Google would like to call it “sunset”) of Google Reader. I have tremendous respect for the product not just for what it does but how it does it. In the era of fancy page turn driven Flipboard, Pulse […]

Is the new Facebook for you?

Facebook has rolled out tons of features over the years, sometimes publicly and sometimes subtely. Some have been very popular and some have been pulled out due to user backlash. But the Facebook we use today has remained more or less unchanged for the last few years. The only sign of Facebook expansion has been […]

What’s next for Facebook?

In all honesty, the motivation for this article was something I read today on TheStreet.com. It got me thinking on where Facebook can go from here. Music: Facebook started off as a MySpace competitor and while the latter has withered away, Facebook is stronger and bigger than ever. So it comes as no surprise that […]