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What’s next for Facebook?

In all honesty, the motivation for this article was something I read today on TheStreet.com. It got me thinking on where Facebook can go from here. Music: Facebook started off as a MySpace competitor and while the latter has withered away, Facebook is stronger and bigger than ever. So it comes as no surprise that […]

Early experiences with Google+

I have spent a couple of weeks with Google Plus and am ready to share my early thoughts with the next big social network. In the meantime, if you need an invite, add a note in the Comments section with your gmail and I’ll send you one if I can. After the initial euphoria of […]

The other suitors for Skype

If you missed the big news from two weeks ago, Microsoft agreed to acquire Skype for a lot of money. This post does not focus on that MS-Skype deal. Instead it looks at a what if scenario- Facebook and Google were rumored to be interested in Skype before MS jumped in with their huge offer. […]