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Apple’s carrier subsidy situation

iDevices are everywhere. None more so than the iPhone. Apple is making gobs of money selling them as fast as they are making them. It is by far the most popular single device in the last decade or so outclassing another Apple product, the iPod. Wherever I go, I have almost always spotted iPhones in […]

Why is Instagram so popular?

Update: Literally minutes after this post went live, Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram. My post still stays. I am not surpised butĀ curious to know why Facebook agreed to pay so much for an app (ok, a mobile photo sharing network). I could see Facebook integrating Instagram into its photo sharing feature. TheĀ convergence is […]

The Android Revolution is being televised

The Android revolution is here

Tablet wars

Tablet wars heat up.

The Life and Times of Google Nexus One

The Life and times of Google Nexus One

Android is cool too…

Android is not as uncool as its made out to be. On the contrary, for a techie, it is everything and more.