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HTC One- Review

HTC is making its biggest bet for survival this year with the new HTC One that started shipping last week (in the US). I finally got my hands on the HTC One a few days ago. This is my comprehensive review of the device after 2 days of use. Background In light of rapidly eroding […]

Nokia’s Last Stand

Nokia officially announced its long rumored and recently outed Windows Phone 8 devices with Lumia 920 (Phi) and Lumia 820 (Arrow). Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia announced these devices earlier today in New York. The premium 920 boasts specs and features on par with the best the smartphone industry has to offer while the mid-end Lumia […]

Apple’s carrier subsidy situation

iDevices are everywhere. None more so than the iPhone. Apple is making gobs of money selling them as fast as they are making them. It is by far the most popular single device in the last decade or so outclassing another Apple product, the iPod. Wherever I go, I have almost always spotted iPhones in […]

The next iPhone (the one after 4S)

I n a few weeks, the next iPhone will be announced to the world. Read on to know more about all the rumors and speculations of the next big iDevice. It is that time of the year again when the speculation about the next iPhone goes to a whole new level. Every little rumor and […]

The next iPhone

The iPhone is the single largest selling smartphone in the last decade and continues to power ahead in the US and global markets. Much of China and India are relatively untapped by the iPhone phenomenon due to pricing and availability with favored carriers. So the future looks bright for the next iPhone, expected to be […]