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Movers and Shakers in Tech in 2015 – Part 1

We are a week away from saying goodbye to 2015 and now would be a good time to look back at everything that happened in tech in 2015. This was an interesting year with a lot of interesting efforts from various tech behemoths and startups. Incumbents consolidated their respective positions of strength while upstarts continued […]

Not everything on the Internet is or needs to be free.

Like much of the internet, I am still in mourning over the upcoming, planned demise (or as Google would like to call it “sunset”) of Google Reader. I have tremendous respect for the product not just for what it does but how it does it. In the era of fancy page turn driven Flipboard, Pulse […]

From pen and paper to the screen: Taking written text to the digital form

This blog post comes after a brief break- one that best explains the topic of this post. I have recently fallen in love with pen and paper- all over again. More specifically, I am besotted with fountain pens and high quality paper. I recently wrote a post about this new found love for all things […]

Dropbox and Evernote: Two cloud pioneers waiting to be bought

The cloud revolution is very much being televised and we the consumers have a ringside view of all the action. I am calling it now- Evernote and Dropbox, two incredibly valuable and still private startups based out of the Silicon Valley will be part of a heated acquisition battle sooner than later. The battle will […]