The new iPad

I had a speculative post on the next iPad last week and turns out, much of it was true. And one of the suggested pricing options ended up being the chosen one. Obviously, much of it was writing on the wall. Nevertheless, Apple delivered on much of what was expected. Without further ado, here is…

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Bill gates with tablets

Building an iPad competitor- Part 1

As a bevy of tablets enter the marketplace and inevitably get unfavorably compared against the iPad 2, it makes one think- what will it take to build a good iPad2 competitor? This post (and the following one) attempts to piece together from the media, from blogs and from word-of-mouth the current players in the tablet world…

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Motorola’s pricing strategy

A few weeks ago, Motorola had on its hands, two certifiably hyped up and much wanted devices- the Atrix 4G superphone launching on AT&T and the Xoom tablet launching on Verizon. What was known was that the devices had some of the best technical specs in their respective fledgling categories and also boasted the Motorola…

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