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Nadella’s Microsoft: His first year as CEO

Microsoft has been one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world for the past two decades. Over the past few years though, Microsoft’s supremacy has been brought to severe question by Google, Apple, Amazon and a bunch of nimbler competitors. From being one of the earliest leaders in the smartphone business, they […]

Book Review: The Modern Web by Peter Gasston; No Starch Press

I recently had the opportunity to read the book, “The Modern Web” by Peter Gasston. Here is my review. “The Modern Web” is a technical introduction and fairly crisp deep dive into the latest multi-device web development technologies. The author focuses on the core technologies and highlights how it can be different between devices. He […]

Appaholics Anonymous – The Twelve Step Program

Let us start this post with a tacit understanding. We are addicted to the our apps- be it on our phones or our tablets. And the problem is only going to get worse- the Mac ecosystem is slowly getting appized as is the Windows 8 eco-system. We are now expecting to see an app for […]

Dropbox and Evernote: Two cloud pioneers waiting to be bought

The cloud revolution is very much being televised and we the consumers have a ringside view of all the action. I am calling it now- Evernote and Dropbox, two incredibly valuable and still private startups based out of the Silicon Valley will be part of a heated acquisition battle sooner than later. The battle will […]

Tools for web application development

My foray into web application development and exploring frameworks in the process.