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My first MakerFaire

I like to call myself a geek. Unfortunately calling myself one doesn’t really make me one. Real nerds and geeks come in different flavors- the hacker, the computer genius, the physicist, the math whiz and more. And today, thanks to a revitalized and burgeoning Maker movement, geeks are the flavor of the town. This past […]

Appaholics Anonymous – The Twelve Step Program

Let us start this post with a tacit understanding. We are addicted to the our apps- be it on our phones or our tablets. And the problem is only going to get worse- the Mac ecosystem is slowly getting appized as is the Windows 8 eco-system. We are now expecting to see an app for […]

Putting technology to work for you: Personal Fitness Trackers

One of the new initiatives for this tech blog for 2013 is to offer long form articles on specific lifestyle areas where technology is taking major strides. These devices and/or services are relatively affordable, simple to use and for the right person, can potentially offer a dramatic improvement in the lifestyle area. These are by […]

From pen and paper to the screen: Taking written text to the digital form

This blog post comes after a brief break- one that best explains the topic of this post. I have recently fallen in love with pen and paper- all over again. More specifically, I am besotted with fountain pens and high quality paper. I recently wrote a post about this new found love for all things […]

Dropbox and Evernote: Two cloud pioneers waiting to be bought

The cloud revolution is very much being televised and we the consumers have a ringside view of all the action. I am calling it now- Evernote and Dropbox, two incredibly valuable and still private startups based out of the Silicon Valley will be part of a heated acquisition battle sooner than later. The battle will […]


So it has been a good 5 months since I got my wife her iPhone 4S. Just as I moved out of iOS into Android with a Samsung GS2 Skyrocket, I picked up the latest and greatest iPhone 4S for my wife. My motivation was three fold: 1. Give her a good camera that would […]

The (Google) Wave goodbye

Google Wave is on its deathbed

Its all about the cloud

The Cloud computing paradigm

Improving the classroom learning experience

Cisco’s tools to improve classroom learning experience

Tools for web application development

My foray into web application development and exploring frameworks in the process.