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Wearables 2.0: Impact on social networking

This is the second part in my multi-part series on the second coming of wearables. The first wave of wearables (read watches and simple fitness trackers) were focused more on the experience and less on social interaction. The second wave of wearables spearheaded by Android Wear and the long rumored iWatch will bring more muscle […]

The $19 billion messaging app

A couple of years ago (long time by Internet standards), I prognosticated the death of SMS in its original cellular operator driven version. My argument was that mobile OS driven messaging experiences like iMessage, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger would make it affordable (almost free) for people to exchange messages instead of paying the $5-$10 […]

Social networking for everyone

As a caveat to the reader, this post is targeted to social networking beginners. If you are an expert in social networking, this may be old wine in a new bottle. I originally published this article here. I am tweaking it for a larger audience in this forum. It is the age of social networking. Everyone […]

Consuming Content: Of feeds, tweets and flips

Most of you are probably reading this from a share on Facebook or a tweet. And this is a totally low-key blog. Now if you extrapolate this to how we consume news and content in general today- it is not much different, just more sophisticated. This post features a few of the most popular content […]

What’s next for Twitter?

The popularity of the “What’s next for Facebook?” post prompted me to write one for the other big social engagement tool- Twitter. Twitter has been growing at a steady clip in all directions- users and their tweets, funding, valuation and employees. It has only gotten more popular with every event- political, natural and pretty much anything […]

A digital only future for periodical content

I love reading newspapers. And I love perusing through magazines. We get the print version of Wall Street Journal in addition to a multitude of magazines that arrive weekly, biweekly and monthly. In recent times, as I have made my trek to the recycled bin in my apartment complex to drop off the old newspapers […]

The downside of a “smarter” life

Note: This post is more personal and reflective than my usual ones. If that is not what you are looking for, skip this post and do come back for the next one which is will be more in line with my usual posts. As most of my readers and friends know, I am a gadget […]