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Wearables 2.0: Impact on social networking

This is the second part in my multi-part series on the second coming of wearables. The first wave of wearables (read watches and simple fitness trackers) were focused more on the experience and less on social interaction. The second wave of wearables spearheaded by Android Wear and the long rumored iWatch will bring more muscle […]

The $19 billion messaging app

A couple of years ago (long time by Internet standards), I prognosticated the death of SMS in its original cellular operator driven version. My argument was that mobile OS driven messaging experiences like iMessage, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger would make it affordable (almost free) for people to exchange messages instead of paying the $5-$10 […]

Facebook Home- First impressions

Facebook recently announced its latest and arguably biggest mobile initiative in the form of Facebook Home. I had a chance to install the service on a Galaxy S3 Android handset and here are my first impressions What is Facebook Home? Facebook Home is an Android launcher which replaced the traditional Android home screen with a Facebook […]

Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook formally announced their Google Search competitor, “Graph Search” today. The interestingly titled product (to go with Facebook’s Open Graph) is expected to roll out over the next few weeks across the world and will be in beta for a while. Mark Zuckerberg took pains to separate the product from Google Search but Google and […]

Google and Apple- A tale of two keynotes

This not a flame bait post. I have stayed away from writing this post because I didnt want to sound partisan, one way or the other. I love Apple products. I cant live without Google’s awesome services. I have never worked for either of them. So consider this an unbiased opinion. Until about 9 months […]

The Facebook Phone

There has been a lot of speculation in the last couple of weeks about Facebook making its own phone. I wanted to write a post on what this could mean to the eco-system in general and Facebook in particular. Facebook has not had a good month by any yard stick. What should have been a […]

Social networking for everyone

As a caveat to the reader, this post is targeted to social networking beginners. If you are an expert in social networking, this may be old wine in a new bottle. I originally published this article here. I am tweaking it for a larger audience in this forum. It is the age of social networking. Everyone […]

Ad-free Gmail: $2.99/month

I am working on a post on privacy that I will post next week. In the meantime I wanted to get an idea out there whose time I believe has come. You read the title right. I am suggesting that Google should offer an ad-free Gmail service in addition to its current ad-supported free version. […]

Consuming Content: Of feeds, tweets and flips

Most of you are probably reading this from a share on Facebook or a tweet. And this is a totally low-key blog. Now if you extrapolate this to how we consume news and content in general today- it is not much different, just more sophisticated. This post features a few of the most popular content […]

Google Plus is the future of Google

As most of my regular readers know by now, I have actively followed, used and continued to promote Google+. Even as most profiles are bereft of any activity- I have continued to promote it as a viable social network for everyone. If you were looking for me to backoff from that position, definitely not. As […]