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Of Marc, Mark and free Internet.

The Internet has been on fire for the past 24 hours after well respected Silicon Valley VC Marc Andreessen opined on the Indian regulatory ruling against Facebook’s Free Basics program. As someone who admires Marc for his global perspective, I do believe he is anti-colonialist and respects India and what the country has to offer […]

Ideas to solve real and meaningful problems

I just finished hearing the latest episode of the Planet Money podcast titled “Anatomy of a Scam“. As I heard the story, which is strongly urge everyone to listen to, I felt helpless. As I thought about it over the past few hours, I realized, why can tech and all the millions of dollars in public […]

Ad-free Gmail: $2.99/month

I am working on a post on privacy that I will post next week. In the meantime I wanted to get an idea out there whose time I believe has come. You read the title right. I am suggesting that Google should offer an ad-free Gmail service in addition to its current ad-supported free version. […]

How does AT-T’s purchase of T-Mobile affect us?

News just hit the wires that AT-T, the once largest, sometimes and recently  second largest telecommunications carrier in the US agreed to acquire T-Mobile, the 4th largest carrier with 33 million subscribers in a $39 billion dollar deal. This makes AT-T the definitive largest carrier by a big margin. It is early hours to speculate […]

Bill Gates and his second life

My first PC was an Intel 286 architecture based system that came preloaded with Windows 3.1. Since then, I have had a love-hate relationship with Microsoft. Their software is in a way, responsible for my career and who I am today. But I didn’t personally approve of the way Microsoft muscled their way into many segments of […]

The downside of a “smarter” life

Note: This post is more personal and reflective than my usual ones. If that is not what you are looking for, skip this post and do come back for the next one which is will be more in line with my usual posts. As most of my readers and friends know, I am a gadget […]

What is in it for Google?

The net neutrality proposal from Google and Verizon and what it means.