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Using NFC Tags to simplify your digital life

Near Field Communications(NFC) has been one of those technologies that hasnt quite caught on in the US. Google has tried its best to make the tech mainstream via payments (Google Wallet) and Android Beam but it hasnt quite taken off. It is almost as if the entire industry is waiting for Apple to show the […]

The next iPhone

The iPhone is the single largest selling smartphone in the last decade and continues to power ahead in the US and global markets. Much of China and India are relatively untapped by the iPhone phenomenon due to pricing and availability with favored carriers. So the future looks bright for the next iPhone, expected to be […]


Facebook pages are now increasing filled with check-ins. Checkins are typically native Facebook driven via Facebook Places or Foursquare, Gowalla based checkins. Google has its own app for it- Google Latitude which isnt as popular as the aforementioned ones but is still gaining steam. It would be worthwhile trying to understand why people check-in if we […]

Near Field Communications (NFC) and Mobile Payments

Near Field Communications (NFC) is being touted as the next big technology disrupter. It is expected to change how we use and interact with location based services, payment systems ranging from gas stations to vending machines and enable killer peer-to-peer communication applications. In that context it might be worthwhile to know more about the technology and try […]