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Nadella’s Microsoft: His first year as CEO

Microsoft has been one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world for the past two decades. Over the past few years though, Microsoft’s supremacy has been brought to severe question by Google, Apple, Amazon and a bunch of nimbler competitors. From being one of the earliest leaders in the smartphone business, they […]

Hands-on with Dell Venue Pro and the second generation of Windows 8 tablets

I recently got my hands on a Dell Venue Pro Windows 8.1 tablet and an active stylus to go with it. Here are my brief impressions on the product and what it means to the Windows 8 ecosystem and Microsoft and Dell’s shared dreams for tablet domination. Background Microsoft launched its own tablet line with […]

Appaholics Anonymous – The Twelve Step Program

Let us start this post with a tacit understanding. We are addicted to the our apps- be it on our phones or our tablets. And the problem is only going to get worse- the Mac ecosystem is slowly getting appized as is the Windows 8 eco-system. We are now expecting to see an app for […]

Microsoft Surface tablet: The Good and the not so good.

Almost five months after the launch of the Surface tablet, I finally had a chance to spend quality time with it. In the past, my time with the device was limited to less than 30 minutes which didnt constitute enough to write about it. I have had a device with me for a few hours […]

Windows 8- The good, the not so good and the bad

Having experienced Windows 8 across multiple form factors and having digested opinions, articles and what not, here is what I think, a little over a month since the “8” paradigm formally launched. First off, one of the most unique things to have ever happened is that there were more people who knew and were excited […]

Using NFC Tags to simplify your digital life

Near Field Communications(NFC) has been one of those technologies that hasnt quite caught on in the US. Google has tried its best to make the tech mainstream via payments (Google Wallet) and Android Beam but it hasnt quite taken off. It is almost as if the entire industry is waiting for Apple to show the […]

Microsoft’s pricing strategy for Surface tablet

When Microsoft announced its Surface tablet, it caught the technorati by surprise. And Microsoft appeared to bring its A game to the table. The tablet looked interesting especially with the keyboard cover. Windows 8 itself looked promising on the tablet form factor and there was a good deal of expectation on Microsoft to deliver a […]

Nokia’s Last Stand

Nokia officially announced its long rumored and recently outed Windows Phone 8 devices with Lumia 920 (Phi) and Lumia 820 (Arrow). Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia announced these devices earlier today in New York. The premium 920 boasts specs and features on par with the best the smartphone industry has to offer while the mid-end Lumia […]

Microsoft Surface and Tablet Wars: Part Deux

Before I start my post, I definitely wanted to get out a couple of “I told you so’s”. I dont get to do them too often. So bear with me. Earlier this year, I wrote a post on 2012 being the year of Microsoft. While there is a lot of 2012 left, Microsoft definitely is […]

Is your smartphone (and the mobile OS) a reflection of you?

For much of the early years of the cellphone revolution, it was cool to actually own a device. It was expensive to buy and even more expensive to make calls on. Most cellphones otherwise known as Nokia and Motorola handsets were clunky and unimaginative. The only innovation in terms of design and handset appearance was […]