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The tale of the $99 Tablet

By now, everyone knows of the great tablet sale of the past weekend (8/20/2011-8/21/2011) and either did something about it or wish they did. HP, after abandoning its tablet plans decided to make the weekend very interesting and dropped the price of its 16GB tablet to a mouth-watering $99. If you were living on a […]

The post-PC era

The term “post-PC” has been getting increased attention over the last few months. None more than today when the venerable Hewlett Packard, the king of PC’s humbly admitted that the PC era was over. It was a tacit acknowledgement that they didn’t not move fast enough to adapt. But there are some contradictions in the […]

Building an iPad competitor- Part 2

With the stage set with the previous post, lets jump right in. 1. Cheaper cost of entry: The serious iPad competitor will not only match iPad2 in price but go one up and come in at a lower entry point. The cheapest SKU needs to be less than $499. Anything over $499 for a base […]

Motorola’s pricing strategy

A few weeks ago, Motorola had on its hands, two certifiably hyped up and much wanted devices- the Atrix 4G superphone launching on AT&T and the Xoom tablet launching on Verizon. What was known was that the devices had some of the best technical specs in their respective fledgling categories and also boasted the Motorola […]

Bite sized games

If you were asked to remember the first game that came to your mind, chances are that it would be “Angry Birds“. This insanely addictive and immensely popular game has captured the minds and fingers of mobile users all over the world. Be it on iOS or Android, the game has taken its place in […]

Revisiting the future of palm

HP buys Palm. What the future holds?