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iPhone 6 Review (Part 1): Hardware and iOS8

This is the first in a two part review¬†of the iPhone 6. In this post, I cover my initial hands-on impressions with the new iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8. In the next post, I will go into detail on some of the key features like Apple Pay (coming in October), call and data […]

iPad Air- First Impressions

Apple’s latest iteration of its bestselling tablet, the iPad Air started shipping on Nov 1st, 2013. I picked up a cellular enabled version recently and here is my take on it. Background Apple launched its fifth iteration of the iPad recently. To highlight specifically its reduced dimensions and weight, iPad has given it the Air […]

First Impressions on Oyster, the Netflix of Books

Netflix pioneered the business of subscription consumption of media. While magazine and newspaper subscriptions have existed forever, Netflix was the first to take the concept of media consumption and marry it to the subscription model meaningfully in the broadband era. With the remarkable success of the Netflix model came the followers. Spotify offered a subscription […]

iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini and more

In what has become an annual affair now, Apple unveiled its latest generation of iPad tablets on October 22nd at the Yerba Buena Center in downtown San Francisco. Coming a few weeks after the launch of the new iPhones (as has now become a tradition), the iPads, iPhones and Mac products are expected to power […]

iPhone 5C – Hands-on Impressions and brief review

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an iPhone 5C for a day – thanks to a good friend (yes I have really good friends who like to share their gadgets with me for the sake of my reviews). Here are my thoughts on the device based on the few hours I spent […]

The iOS 7 Experience

Like many of you ,I was eagerly awaiting the official launch of iOS 7. September 18th arrived and I anxiously plugged in my iPod Touch for an upgrade. I have long since moved to Android and have no plans to move back to iOS. My wife, an iPhone 4S user would get the upgrade after […]

5S and 5C

It is that time of the year when the tech media goes on overdrive. Apple ¬†announced its next iteration of its best-selling iPhone, the iPhone 5S on September 10th in Cupertino,CA. In addition, Apple threw in a second member of the iPhone family with the iPhone 5C. So did the two phones meet the feverish […]

The Misfit Shine: Early Impressions

I am a big fan of personal fitness trackers and have written about it in the past. I continue to look for innovation in the field. Early this year, I came across an indiegogo campaign for a unique looking personal fitness tracker called the Misfit Shine. It was being backed by two people of significant […]

iOS in the Car- Apple’s Trojan Horse?

Apple’s recent WWDC Conference Keynote has dominated the news for the last ten days. Much of that is because of Jony Ive’s redesign of iOS. This complete rethink of the UX of the OS was much anticipated and thus has been greatly debated. But one small announcement from that conference has gone almost completely unnoticed. […]

iOS7 and other Apple WWDC announcements: Very early thoughts

This week, Apple kicked off its annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple uses the keynote for WWDC to announce its annual updates to iOS and MacOSX. This year, on June 10th, Apple kicked off the conference with something rare for it in the recent years, expectation. Apple tends to be the market leader and its […]