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Appaholics Anonymous – The Twelve Step Program

Let us start this post with a tacit understanding. We are addicted to the our apps- be it on our phones or our tablets. And the problem is only going to get worse- the Mac ecosystem is slowly getting appized as is the Windows 8 eco-system. We are now expecting to see an app for […]

Is your smartphone (and the mobile OS) a reflection of you?

For much of the early years of the cellphone revolution, it was cool to actually own a device. It was expensive to buy and even more expensive to make calls on. Most cellphones otherwise known as Nokia and Motorola handsets were clunky and unimaginative. The only innovation in terms of design and handset appearance was […]

Consuming Content: Of feeds, tweets and flips

Most of you are probably reading this from a share on Facebook or a tweet. And this is a totally low-key blog. Now if you extrapolate this to how we consume news and content in general today- it is not much different, just more sophisticated. This post features a few of the most popular content […]

The rise of the superphone

It used to be that the smartphone was the┬ádata and media capability rich big brother to the humble voice capability focused feature phone. That was until the iPhone and to a certain degree the first Droid phone arrived. Today, we dont talk much about smartphones as being the cool devices to desire. Instead we have […]

The post-PC era

The term “post-PC” has been getting increased attention over the last few months. None more than today when the venerable Hewlett Packard, the king of PC’s humbly admitted that the PC era was over. It was a tacit acknowledgement that they didn’t not move fast enough to adapt. But there are some contradictions in the […]

R.I.P, Short Message Service (SMS).

The writing is on the wall. Or in this case, the messaging interface on your mobile phone. SMS, as we know it is on its deathbed. Don’t get me wrong. Short Messages or “texts” as its more popularly known is well alive and will continue to thrive into the next generation and the one after […]