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The Pokemon Go phenomenon

I just caught a Meowth in my neighborhood park and I am thrilled to bits, just like my 8-year old. As were the 6 or so kids around me and a few adults too. If the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go hasn’t swallowed you already, consider yourself warned. Pokemon Go is an addictive Augmented Reality (AR) experience […]

2012: The Year of Microsoft?

When I got my first computer in May, 1995, it ran Microsoft Windows 3.1. It was an incredible experience using a mouse and a keyboard on a computer with a GUI. Microsoft to me represented everything cool about technology. I had never heard of Apple. In 2000, I started my graduate program at Virginia Tech and […]

Bite sized games

If you were asked to remember the first game that came to your mind, chances are that it would be “Angry Birds“. This insanely addictive and immensely popular game has captured the minds and fingers of mobile users all over the world. Be it on iOS or Android, the game has taken its place in […]

Motion Control gaming

With the launch of Kinect for XBOX360 last week, all three console makers have a motion control based offering. This is a good time to check in with what they offer and how they differ from each other. The Wii was a revolution when it launched. It was an underpowered console that didnt pander to […]

Product Relevance – A Case Study in parts (Part 1)

Identifying the core consumer and building the product accordingly. A case study in parts.