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Of Marc, Mark and free Internet.

The Internet has been on fire for the past 24 hours after well respected Silicon Valley VC Marc Andreessen opined on the Indian regulatory ruling against Facebook’s Free Basics program. As someone who admires Marc for his global perspective, I do believe he is anti-colonialist and respects India and what the country has to offer […]

First Impressions on Oyster, the Netflix of Books

Netflix pioneered the business of subscription consumption of media. While magazine and newspaper subscriptions have existed forever, Netflix was the first to take the concept of media consumption and marry it to the subscription model meaningfully in the broadband era. With the remarkable success of the Netflix model came the followers. Spotify offered a subscription […]

My first MakerFaire

I like to call myself a geek. Unfortunately calling myself one doesn’t really make me one. Real nerds and geeks come in different flavors- the hacker, the computer genius, the physicist, the math whiz and more. And today, thanks to a revitalized and burgeoning Maker movement, geeks are the flavor of the town. This past […]

The iPad Mini and the (new) new iPad

Apple announced a bunch of product refreshes today and one completely new product at a special event at the California Theatre in San Jose, CA. Coming very shortly in the heels of the annual September event where they announced the new iPhone 5, updates to iPod Touch and iPod Nano, this event was expected to be all […]

Is the Google Chromebook a game changer?

As always, there are some good articles to read on the Chromebook launch if you choose to get journalistic coverage on it. The best ones in my opinion are here, here and here. Read on below if you want to know why I believe it could be a game changer. Google previewed its Chrome OS […]

Touch interfaces and child development

My 33 month old has started to get very comfortable with the touch interface devices at home- we have a Vtech MobiGo which I picked up 2 months ago primarily as a tool to engage the child on a long flight. He also does educational apps on our iPod Touch and my iPhone 3GS. As […]

Improving the classroom learning experience

Cisco’s tools to improve classroom learning experience