About me
I am a technology generalist. I work on cutting edge consumer products and the technologies that power them. I am currently working as a Product Development Manager on Internet of Things projects. I have managed large technology projects and infrastructure to support them. As a wireless engineer and manager I have shipped cellular modems, e-readers, tablets, smart phones and more. I have managed test projects and teams for over a dozen wireless products. I helped build software and hardware test systems and lab infrastructure to support them. I work with engineers, product managers, finance managers, and operations folks on a daily basis to help build world class products.

I am passionate about my work. I am an evangelist of all things technology and will sell you on what I build. I believe that one must understand the user, the products and their domain space before they can build them. My blog is a reflection of that. I learn through my blog and share what I learn.

I have a thousand ideas in my mind which I hope to build, someday. I am always willing to listen to a good idea and most certainly willing to share one of mine.

For my professional background, see my LinkedIN profile here.

About the blog

This blog was born out of an interest to write about current technology developments with a strong but not exclusive focus on mobile and wireless. The governing principles of this blog are as follows:

1. Stay neutral. Keep it as objective as possible. While there are occasional rants and opinions on companies and products, the goal is to keep it above fanboyism.

2. Stay positive. There is something good in everything. The purpose of this blog is not to be hyper critical.

3. Educate by providing information and facts as much as possible. Most of my posts will have multiple links that direct the reader to source material and/or other meaningful reference material.

4. Make every word count. Every post should hopefully convey something new or unknown.

If you think a post or a set of posts deviate from this vision statement, feel free to drop me a line.