Monthly Archives: February 2013

Microsoft Surface tablet: The Good and the not so good.

Almost five months after the launch of the Surface tablet, I finally had a chance to spend quality time with it. In the past, my time with the device was limited to less than 30 minutes which didnt constitute enough to write about it. I have had a device with me for a few hours […]

How working from home can be good for the employer and employee.

The blogosphere and Twitter is abuzz with the leaked memo from Yahoo! HR effectively putting an end to Yahoo!’s employees working from home from June 2013. Reactions have pretty much been consistent and it is scathingly against Yahoo!. In this post, I share my experiences as an engineer who has occasionally worked from home for […]

Would you buy an iWatch?

The rumor mills are grinding rapidly. Over the weekend, NYTimes ¬†and WSJ reported that Apple was testing an iWatch concept internally. Bloomberg picked up on it and added some embellishments. The tech blogosphere [1][2] has been on an overdrive speculating on the iWatch. Going with the flow, this article speculates the existence of one such […]