A welcome to 2013.

Hello, 2013

Happy New Year to everyone. Before I go further, I wanted to let you know that this post is being syndicated across all my blog properties and if you read it once, you have read it all. Now on to the post…

It is good to be writing again. I took a wonderful break for the Holidays and am excited for 2013, as most of you are. Interesting things are cooking up at work and at home. There are new areas I am hoping to explore through out this year professionally and personally. So lots of promise and thrill of new and unknown challenges.

And then there is my writing. I am definitely looking to up the ante further in the kind of content I would like to deliver on this portal (as I see it) and make it worth your while reading it. My blog sites generated over 23000 unique views in 2012. I would like to modestly beat it and get 30000 unique views in 2013 which would in itself be a personal achievement. To do this, there will have to be newer articles and posts to excite you, the reader and give you value for your time.

I was tempted to do a review of 2012 but what is the point to it, now that 2013 is here. Instead, I plan on doing a series of posts on what to look forward to in 2013. I would like to add more long form articles which take time and effort to put together. The website itself was updated in December and I hope to do more there.

The hope is to offer compelling content that makes it worthwhile to keep you coming here. Thanks for your continued patronage to my website. I hope to keep it worth your while.