Monthly Archives: April 2012

Do smartphone specs matter?

The motivation for this post came from reading this very topical article by David Pogue of NYTimes. Why topical you ask?. I was obsessing (as was the technorati) about the lack of latest and greatest specs on the  new Nokia flagship phone- the Lumia 900 that launched on Easter Sunday. This phone has divided the tech bloggers […]

Why is Instagram so popular?

Update: Literally minutes after this post went live, Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram. My post still stays. I am not surpised but curious to know why Facebook agreed to pay so much for an app (ok, a mobile photo sharing network). I could see Facebook integrating Instagram into its photo sharing feature. The convergence is […]


So it has been a good 5 months since I got my wife her iPhone 4S. Just as I moved out of iOS into Android with a Samsung GS2 Skyrocket, I picked up the latest and greatest iPhone 4S for my wife. My motivation was three fold: 1. Give her a good camera that would […]