Monthly Archives: October 2011

The rise of the superphone

It used to be that the smartphone was the┬ádata and media capability rich big brother to the humble voice capability focused feature phone. That was until the iPhone and to a certain degree the first Droid phone arrived. Today, we dont talk much about smartphones as being the cool devices to desire. Instead we have […]

Celebrating the life of Steve Jobs

Hours ago, we were all informed that Steve Jobs is no longer with us. A wave of sadness followed. It hasn’t gone away. It feels like a friend, a relative, someone I have known all my life just departed. I have never seen Steve in person. But it feels like he was around, all this […]

The next iPhone

The iPhone is the single largest selling smartphone in the last decade and continues to power ahead in the US and global markets. Much of China and India are relatively untapped by the iPhone phenomenon due to pricing and availability with favored carriers. So the future looks bright for the next iPhone, expected to be […]