Monthly Archives: September 2011

Is the new Facebook for you?

Facebook has rolled out tons of features over the years, sometimes publicly and sometimes subtely. Some have been very popular and some have been pulled out due to user backlash. But the Facebook we use today has remained more or less unchanged for the last few years. The only sign of Facebook expansion has been […]

Intel plays catch up in mobile space

Intel, the chip behemoth which resides in most of the PCs used world wide has a problem. And the problem is only getting bigger  by the day. And Intel is finally stepping up before it is too late. The topic of this post is Intel’s smartphone and tablet ambitions and how it is finally upping […]

The Windows Tablet

After multiple false starts over the years, the first meaningful tablet play from Microsoft was formally announced this week. It borrows heavily from its well-intended but not so successful (not yet atleast) Metro UI for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft is betting the farm on this design, so much so, even their analyst day […]