Monthly Archives: August 2011

The tale of the $99 Tablet

By now, everyone knows of the great tablet sale of the past weekend (8/20/2011-8/21/2011) and either did something about it or wish they did. HP, after abandoning its tablet plans decided to make the weekend very interesting and dropped the price of its 16GB tablet to a mouth-watering $99. If you were living on a […]

A note on Steve Jobs

If you havent caught up with the news already, Steve Jobs just resigned as the CEO of Apple. He has recommended Tim Cook as his successor and Apple has a good cadre of upper managers who can step up in the absence of Steve. Here is Steve’s resignation letter. Short and to the point. Something […]

The post-PC era

The term “post-PC” has been getting increased attention over the last few months. None more than today when the venerable Hewlett Packard, the king of PC’s humbly admitted that the PC era was over. It was a tacit acknowledgement that they didn’t not move fast enough to adapt. But there are some contradictions in the […]

R.I.P, Short Message Service (SMS).

The writing is on the wall. Or in this case, the messaging interface on your mobile phone. SMS, as we know it is on its deathbed. Don’t get me wrong. Short Messages or “texts” as its more popularly known is well alive and will continue to thrive into the next generation and the one after […]

What’s next for Twitter?

The popularity of the “What’s next for Facebook?” post prompted me to write one for the other big social engagement tool- Twitter. Twitter has been growing at a steady clip in all directions- usersĀ and their tweets, funding, valuation and employees. It has only gotten more popular with every event- political, natural and pretty much anything […]