Monthly Archives: June 2011

The future of Groupon

Well, the honeymoon was good while it lasted. Groupon’s reign at the top of the Local Offers pile will soon be challenged by a slew of well- funded and aggressive big boys ranging from Facebook (Facebook Deals) to Google (Google Offers). Other smaller competitors like LivingSocial are also clicking on their heels with aggressive promotion […]

Can Google+ topple Facebook as the social network of choice?

Google formally launched its Facebook competitor, Google Plus or Google+ today. Google+ approaches social networking in a different manner from how Facebook does. It aims to learn from Facebook’s mistakes and complaints. It also leverages its key advantages namely the huge Gmail userbase, exploding Android userbase and its vast troves of data to build something […]


Facebook pages are now increasing filled with check-ins. Checkins are typically native Facebook driven via Facebook Places or Foursquare, Gowalla based checkins. Google has its own app for it- Google Latitude which isnt as popular as the aforementioned ones but is still gaining steam. It would be worthwhile trying to understand why people check-in if we […]