Monthly Archives: May 2011

The other suitors for Skype

If you missed the big news from two weeks ago, Microsoft agreed to acquire Skype for a lot of money. This post does not focus on that MS-Skype deal. Instead it looks at a what if scenario- Facebook and Google were rumored to be interested in Skype before MS jumped in with their huge offer. […]

Is the Google Chromebook a game changer?

As always, there are some good articles to read on the Chromebook launch if you choose to get journalistic coverage on it. The best ones in my opinion are here, here and here. Read on below if you want to know why I believe it could be a game changer. Google previewed its Chrome OS […]

Building an iPad competitor- Part 2

With the stage set with the previous post, lets jump right in. 1. Cheaper cost of entry: The serious iPad competitor will not only match iPad2 in price but go one up and come in at a lower entry point. The cheapest SKU needs to be less than $499. Anything over $499 for a base […]

Building an iPad competitor- Part 1

As a bevy of tablets enter the marketplace and inevitably get unfavorably compared against the iPad 2, it makes one think- what will it take to build a good iPad2 competitor? This post (and the following one) attempts to piece together from the media, from blogs and from word-of-mouth the current players in the tablet world […]