The other suitors for Skype

If you missed the big news from two weeks ago, Microsoft agreed to acquire Skype for a lot of money. This post does not focus on that MS-Skype deal. Instead it looks at a what if scenario- Facebook and Google were rumored to be interested in Skype before MS jumped in with their huge offer….

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Building an iPad competitor- Part 2

With the stage set with the previous post, lets jump right in. 1. Cheaper cost of entry: The serious iPad competitor will not only match iPad2 in price but go one up and come in at a lower entry point. The cheapest SKU needs to be less than $499. Anything over $499 for a base…

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Bill gates with tablets

Building an iPad competitor- Part 1

As a bevy of tablets enter the marketplace and inevitably get unfavorably compared against the iPad 2, it makes one think- what will it take to build a good iPad2 competitor? This post (and the following one) attempts to piece together from the media, from blogs and from word-of-mouth the current players in the tablet world…

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