Monthly Archives: April 2011

Near Field Communications (NFC) and Mobile Payments

Near Field Communications (NFC) is being┬átouted as the next big technology disrupter. It is expected to change how we use and interact with┬álocation based services, payment systems ranging from gas stations to vending machines and enable killer peer-to-peer communication applications. In that context it might be worthwhile to know more about the technology and try […]

A digital only future for periodical content

I love reading newspapers. And I love perusing through magazines. We get the print version of Wall Street Journal in addition to a multitude of magazines that arrive weekly, biweekly and monthly. In recent times, as I have made my trek to the recycled bin in my apartment complex to drop off the old newspapers […]

Location, location, location.

I finally took the plunge and moved to dedicated hosting for my blog and my website. Until recently, my blog was hosted on and my website was hosted by Google Sites. This was nice and free but I wanted to have greater control on the style of the blog and website and also utilize […]

The Android Situation

There has been quite a bit of press on Google tightening the screws on its Android OS and fundamentally altering the “openness” of it. Today’s Bloomberg Businessweek article adds lot more fuel to the fire. The article goes on to suggest that Android licensees are thinking or have already talked to DoJ on the matter. […]