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The Android Revolution is being televised

The Android revolution is here

The new Cisco

The new Cisco.

One more Facebook post- Zynga partnership and Facebook 0

I promise I’ll take a break from posting about Facebook after this one. Two different pieces of news caught my eye and I wanted to share them here. The first one concerns Facebook and Zynga, the topic of an earlier blog post. Speculation was rife that Zynga was planning on starting its own game network […]

The Future of Facebook

Facebook privacy firestorm

Tablet wars

Tablet wars heat up.

The Life and Times of Google Nexus One

The Life and times of Google Nexus One

Facebook and Zynga heading for a divorce? – or not…

The Facebook and Zynga divorce or what it was…

Location, location, location – should we care where you are?

Location services are coming to you, wherever you are (and they know it!)

Google’s Redesign

Google redesign

A niche handheld device- Microsoft Kin

The launch of Microsoft Kin