Monthly Archives: April 2010

Revisiting the future of palm

HP buys Palm. What the future holds?

Dell’s smartphone push

Dell’s new smartphone lineup- Android, Windows Phone 7 and all.

Tools for web application development

My foray into web application development and exploring frameworks in the process.

On viral marketing

A shout out to an excellent book on marketing.

Whatever is going on with Palm

Since its announcement on Jan 8, 2009, the Palm webOS mobile operating system has garnered quite a bit of attention in the mobile world and why not. Being the pioneer in the PDA segment with the original Palm Pilot, Palm’s fortunes had dwindled in recent years. The webOS was destined to be the knight in […]

Android is cool too…

Android is not as uncool as its made out to be. On the contrary, for a techie, it is everything and more.

Back in the saddle

Introduction and why blogging?